XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference
at Lviv Polytechnic National University

On October 22-24, 2020, the XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “MARKETING AND LOGISTICS IN THE SYSTEM OF MANAGEMENT” was held at Lviv Polytechnic National University, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Department of Marketing and Logistics. The Department of Marketing and Logistics, together with co-organizers and with support of partners has been holding the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Marketing and Logistics in the System of Management” every two years since 1996.
The conference participants are scientists, teachers, post-graduate students, students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, as well as universities in Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia and other countries, representatives of business, authorities, entrepreneurs, etc. The conference topics are always relevant and reflects modern economic trends and applied aspects of logistics and marketing practices implementation in Ukraine and the world. The purpose of the conference: coverage of the latest theoretical and practical results on modern innovative technologies application in domestic and foreign enterprises operations, generalization and development of scientists’ research results on current trends and prospects for marketing and logistics in nowadays environment. The conference was held in a remote format under the existing quarantine conditions. More than 180 scientists took part in the work of the international conference this year, including representatives of higher educational institutions from many regions of Ukraine and participants from different countries – Germany, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Slovakia, Great Britain, Turkey, Tajikistan. The working languages of the conference were Ukrainian, English, Polish and German. Modern market trends, actual problems of marketing management, logistics processes management efficiency improvement vectors were considered during the speeches of the conference participants. International conference participants’ reports were discussed at the plenary session and section meetings. The Sections were held in two thematic areas. Section 1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management (within the framework of the project Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Dissemination of the European Experience (610856-EPP-1-2019-1-UAEPPJMO-MODULE). Taking into account the actual problems of the modern economy and the need to generate innovative logistics solutions with the aim of adaptation to rapidly changing external conditions, the areas of the Section’s work were: 1) Logistics and supply chain management. Ukrainian enterprises in global supply chains. Logistic concept of using the transit potential of the country. Implementation of the best European and world practices in Ukraine; 2) Adaptation of the logistics activities of enterprises to the modern challenges of the world economy. Sustainable development of logistics systems in a pandemic; 3) The impact of the digital economy on the adoption of logistics decisions. Scientists, teachers, post-graduate students, students had the opportunity to gain valuable information about the best European practices and experience in the field of logistics and supply chain management, and the wide geography of the conference participants will facilitate the deepening of cooperation and establishing closer relationship with partners from other countries. An offline round table was held within the framework of the section “Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Dissemination of The European Experience” on the topic: “Deregulation and liberalization of the transport services market of Ukraine”. Section 2 “Marketing support for the development of systems of various integration levels in the context of modern challenges” organized work in the following areas: 1) Marketing: theory and practice; 2) Marketing in banking, insurance, investment activities; 3) Marketing solutions in non-traditional areas; 4) Marketing in the field of education. There were reports that touched on the relevance of digital marketing and digital technologies in the operations of modern enterprises, considered the prerequisites for the formation of conscious behavior and the marketing aspects of social responsibility and conscious consumption. Marketers talked about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on modern business, ways out of the crisis by marketing tools adaptation to new realities, ways of enterprises survival in the post-crisis period. In addition, the participants discussed modern technologies in banking, opportunities for financial marketing and the possibilities of integrating marketing, logistics and financial solutions in the educational sphere. In total, about 40 reports were heard and discussed at the conference, in which the following problems were highlighted: theoretical and applied aspects of marketing and logistics, specifics of marketing and logistics activities of enterprises in the domestic and international dimensions, aspects of social responsibility in marketing and logistics, problems of supply chain management, the specifics of training specialists in marketing and logistics, new applied areas of marketing and logistics, modern digital marketing tools, problems of adapting the marketing and logistics activities of enterprises to the modern challenges of the global economy, aspects of the impact of the digital economy on consumer behavior, etc. Owing to the efforts of the program and organizing committee of the conference, the event was successful. Co-organizers and Conference Partners:  State Institution «Institute of Regional Research named after M. I. Dolishniy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine»;  Institute of Industrial Economics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;  Association “Ukrainian Logistics Alliance”;  Ukrainian Marketing Association;  Cracow University of Economics, Poland;  University of Social Sciences, Lodz, Poland;  Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lemgo, Germany;  West Saxon University of Applied Sciences, Zwickau, Germany;  Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Lublin, Poland;  Poznań University of Technology, Poznan, Poland;  Matej Bel University, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia;  Kaunas University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania;  Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences, Heilbronn, Germany;  Technological University of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan. The results of the conference will become a reliable basis for initiation of interesting scientific debates and discussion around the problems of finding relevant solutions in order to ensure the effective development of marketing and logistics practices. Participation in the conference of both representatives of the academic community and representatives of government and business will contribute to the formation of high standards of education and training of specialists in Ukraine by introducing innovative approaches based on the synergy effect of education/science – business – government. The Department of Marketing and Logistics thanks you for your interest in the conference, hopes for further fruitful cooperation and wishes health, inspiration and scientific achievements to all participants!


Yevhen KRYKAVSKYY, Nataliya HAYVANOVYCH (2020) “XIII International Scientific and Practical Conference “MARKETING AND LOGISTICS IN THE SYSTEM OF MANAGEMENT” at Lviv Polytechnic National University”. Intellectualization of logistics and Supply Chain Management. [Online], vol.3, pp.106-108, available at: