Editorial policy

The editorial board of the electronic scientific-practical journal “Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management” maintains a high level of requirements for the selection and acceptance of manuscripts for further publication. In developing the provisions of the editorial policy of the publication, the editorial board was guided by:
The editorial board of the electronic scientific-practical journal “Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management” in its activities undertakes to strictly adhere to the ethical principles of scientific publications and requires their observance by all participants in the publishing process.

Professional ethics of authors of scientific publications

The author (or team of authors) is aware that he is responsible for the results of scientific research, which involves compliance with the following principles:
For its part, the editorial board is ready to make every effort to identify and stop any unethical practices. We promise to take appropriate measures, as well as to pay close attention to any information provided to us that will indicate unethical behavior of a particular author. Detection of ethical violations entails a refusal to publish.
Moreover, we will withdraw previous manuscripts and publicly disclose unethical conduct if we have irrefutable evidence of such acts. If the manuscript is found to be openly defamatory, infringing the law or copyright law, the editors consider themselves obliged to remove it from the website and from the database on the Internet. Such extreme measures can be applied only with maximum openness and publicity.

Professional ethics in the activities of the editor and publisher

In his activity, the editor, who prepares materials for publication, is responsible for the publication of author’s works, which leads to the need to pass the following basic principles:

Professional ethics in the activities of the reviewer

The reviewer, as an expert acting on behalf of the editorial board of the electronic scientific-practical journal “Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management”, carries out scientific examination of author’s materials to determine the possibility of their publication, as a result of which his actions should be impartial which is to adhere to the following principles:

Reproduction of journal materials

License Terms: Each author retains copyright and grants the journal the first publication of original research and articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License International CC-BY, which allows others to distribute work with acknowledgment of authorship and first publication in this journal.

Open access: Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management: Electronic scientific and practical journal – adheres to the policy of open access. All articles published in the journal are freely available immediately after the publication of the issue. Access to all articles of the magazine is presented in the section Archive of the publication.

All of the above complies with the rules of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) and the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

The editorial board of the electronic scientific-practical journal “Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management” has taken all measures to ensure high ethical and professional standards based on the Principles of transparency and best practice of scientific publications.