Information distribution policy

Document version № 1
“22” January 2019

1. The policy of sending messages and information of an advertising nature (hereinafter – Newsletter policy) is accepted by VIOLD LLC number USREOU 42126138, hereinafter referred to as “Site Administration”, for informing any person using the site hosted on the Internet at: (hereinafter – the site), hereinafter referred to as “User”, about implemented policy by the Site Administration on the realization of its distribution of various kind of messages and information of an advertising nature about the User.

2. Site Administration respects the right of each User to receive only such notifications to which he agreed.
3. Site Administration sends messages exclusively on a voluntary basis basis, and makes every effort in order to ensure the most convenient interaction between the User and The site.
4. Site Administration pays great attention to the problem of the unexpected advertising messages of a mass nature (hereinafter – SPAM). Note that with the growing number of smart phone users SPAM began to cause significant damage for the entire community of Internet users. In this regard, Site Administration has taken the following measures to combat SPAM:
4.1 Receipt of prior agreement from the User to send notifications by the Site Administration;
4.2 Inclusion in the text of each message the reliable identification information about the Site Administration;
4.3 Providing the User with the opportunity to opt out of sending messages that carried out by Site Administration.
5. This Newsletter Policy is only for informational purposes and under no circumstances it is not a public offer determined by the current legislation.

6. All terms used in this Newsletter Policy, should be interpreted in accordance with the User Agreement posted and available on the Site, unless otherwise is provided by this Newsletter Policy.


USREOU code 42126138