Plagiarism Policy

The electronic scientific-practical journal “Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management” accepts for publication only original materials, ie, articles that have not been published before and have not been submitted for publication in another journal.

Electronic scientific-practical journal” Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management” uses special software program for detecting text loans in submitted manuscripts . Manuscripts, in which plagiarism or text drawing without any references on the original sources was found, are rejected by editorial board and cannot be published in the journal.

Plagiarism before publication

Editorial Board of the electronic scientific-practical journal “Intellectualization of logistics and supply chain management” examines any case of plagiarism.If plagiarism or text drawing were discovered by editors or reviewers at any step up to the publication of the manuscript , the author ( authors ) is warned about the need to rewrite the text or make enhancement to the source . If plagiarism is more than 25% – the article may be rejected and the author’s institution / employer will be notified

Plagiarism verification policy

Manuscripts in which plagiarism is detected ,are processed on the basis of the amount of plagiarism , available in manuscript , if there is less than 75% of the uniqueness of the text of the article – the manuscript is immediately sent to the authors for revision of the content , and if more than 40% of plagiarism – the manuscript is rejected without editorial review. Authors are encouraged to review textual borrowings and plagiarism of the manuscript and resubmit in a new manuscript.

Відсоток плагіату The percentage of plagiarism is calculated by program software, and also is evaluated by the editorial college.

Plagiarism after publication

If after publication plagiarism is detected, the editorial board conducts an analysis of the facts. If plagiarism is found, the journal will contact the author. Pages, which includes plagiarism, will be marked. Depending on the extent of plagiarism, the document may also be withdrawn ( removed ) from publication in an electronic journal.